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You are welcomed to use our food delivery service and spa facilities all around the clock. Besides, the late evening pastime plans are even more exciting: gather around the outdoor firepit on the restaurant’s terrace to watch the sunset before dining on oysters, sea bass tartare, or sea bream sashimi.

If you prefer your fish cooked, look to our menu of grilled fish options, which changes regularly but always offers well-paired, locally sourced vegetables.

We pay huge attention to our guests’ comfort and dining and provide the best services to indulge the fabulous beauty of our place!


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Surf Therapy Retreat

Our Surf therapy retreats are specialized programs combining surfing with therapeutic practices to promote mental and physical well-being.It can benefit individuals dealing with stress, anxiety,

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Surf Adventure

Dive into an unforgettable 3 full days of Surf Adventure Retreat in the stunning island of Siargao! Ride the world-class waves by day and unwind in paradise

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