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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Boracay Island Inclusive Resorts 2024 – Top Picks and Prices

The Best Boracay Island Inclusive Resorts 2024

Boracay Island, known for its pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, continues to be a top destination for travelers seeking an idyllic tropical paradise. In 2024, the island offers a plethora of all-inclusive resorts that cater to every whim and desire. From luxurious accommodations to exquisite dining and thrilling activities, Boracay’s inclusive resorts promise an unforgettable experience. Here, we present the ultimate guide to the best Boracay Island inclusive resorts for 2024, complete with top picks and prices.

Why Choose Boracay for Your Next Vacation?

Boracay Island has consistently ranked among the world’s best beach destinations. With its vibrant nightlife, diverse culinary scene, and an array of water sports, Boracay is a haven for both relaxation and adventure. Choosing an all-inclusive resort in Boracay ensures that you experience the best the island has to offer without any hassle.

Top All-Inclusive Resorts in Boracay 2024

1. Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa

Location: Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island

Overview: Nestled on a hillside overlooking the serene turquoise waters, Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa epitomizes luxury and tranquility. This five-star resort offers private villas with plunge pools, a range of gourmet dining options, and a holistic spa experience.

Key Features:

  • Private Beach Access: Exclusive beach areas ensuring privacy and seclusion.
  • Luxurious Villas: Private villas with plunge pools and ocean views.
  • Gourmet Dining: Multiple dining options including Rima Mediterranean Treetop Dining and Vintana Asian Café.
  • Wellness Spa: Chi, The Spa offers a variety of treatments and therapies.

Price Range: $500 – $1,200 per night

2. The Lind Boracay

Location: Station 1, White Beach, Boracay Island

Overview: The Lind Boracay is a beachfront property that combines contemporary luxury with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Known for its stunning architecture and impeccable service, The Lind offers a memorable stay right on the famous White Beach.

Key Features:

  • Beachfront Location: Direct access to White Beach with stunning sunset views.
  • Infinity Pool: A picturesque infinity pool overlooking the beach.
  • Gourmet Cuisine: Dining options include Crust and Tartine for diverse culinary experiences.
  • Family-Friendly: Kids’ club and family activities available.

Price Range: $400 – $900 per night

3. Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay

Location: Station Zero, Boracay Island

Overview: Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay offers a unique blend of luxury and adventure. Located in the secluded Station Zero, this resort provides a serene escape with easy access to the island’s vibrant activities.

Key Features:

  • Secluded Location: Privacy and tranquility in Station Zero.
  • Luxury Accommodations: Spacious rooms and suites with modern amenities.
  • Diverse Dining: Saffron Café, Mosaic Latin American Grill, and J’s Pool Bar.
  • Water Sports: Snorkeling, diving, and kayaking available.

Price Range: $350 – $850 per night

4. Movenpick Resort & Spa Boracay

Location: Punta Bunga Cove, Boracay Island

Overview: Movenpick Resort & Spa Boracay is known for its stunning beachfront location and exceptional service. With a range of family-friendly amenities and activities, it is an excellent choice for those traveling with children.

Key Features:

  • Beachfront Property: Access to a private beach area.
  • Family-Friendly: Kids’ club, playground, and family suites.
  • Culinary Excellence: Seven diverse dining venues including The Market and Sol Marina Beach Club.
  • Wellness Facilities: Spa treatments and fitness center.

Price Range: $300 – $750 per night

5. Discovery Shores Boracay

Location: Station 1, White Beach, Boracay Island

Overview: Discovery Shores Boracay is a premier beachfront resort that offers a blend of luxury and comfort. Renowned for its excellent service and beautiful surroundings, this resort provides an exceptional experience on White Beach.

Key Features:

  • Prime Location: Situated on the famous White Beach.
  • Luxury Suites: Spacious and elegantly designed suites.
  • Award-Winning Spa: Terra Wellness Spa offers a range of treatments.
  • Gourmet Dining: Indigo Restaurant and Sands Restaurant offer fine dining experiences.

Price Range: $400 – $1,000 per night

What to Expect from Boracay’s Inclusive Resorts

Luxurious Accommodations

Boracay’s inclusive resorts are synonymous with luxury. Expect spacious rooms, private villas, and suites equipped with modern amenities, plush furnishings, and stunning views. Many resorts offer private pools, direct beach access, and personalized services to ensure a comfortable stay.

Exquisite Dining Options

From international cuisines to local delicacies, Boracay’s resorts boast a plethora of dining options. Gourmet restaurants, beachfront bars, and in-room dining services ensure that every meal is a delight. Many resorts also offer themed nights and culinary experiences that showcase the best of local and international flavors.

Unparalleled Amenities and Services

Guests can enjoy a wide range of amenities including infinity pools, private beaches, wellness spas, fitness centers, and recreational facilities. Exceptional service is a hallmark of Boracay’s inclusive resorts, with attentive staff catering to every need.

Exciting Activities and Entertainment

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Boracay’s resorts offer a variety of activities to suit all preferences. Water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and parasailing are popular, while land-based activities include yoga, fitness classes, and cultural tours. Nightly entertainment, including live music and cultural performances, adds to the vibrant atmosphere.

Planning Your Trip to Boracay

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Boracay is during the dry season from November to May. This period offers the best weather for beach activities and outdoor adventures. Peak season is from December to April, so book your accommodations well in advance to secure the best deals.

Getting to Boracay

Boracay is accessible via two airports: Caticlan (Godofredo P. Ramos Airport) and Kalibo International Airport. From Caticlan, a short ferry ride will take you to the island. Many resorts offer shuttle services from the airport to ensure a smooth arrival.

Travel Tips

  • Book Early: Secure your accommodation and flights early, especially during peak season.
  • Pack Light: Bring beachwear, light clothing, and sun protection.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the tropical climate.
  • Respect Local Customs: Follow local guidelines and respect the environment.


Boracay Island remains a premier destination for travelers seeking a luxurious and memorable tropical getaway. The inclusive resorts highlighted in this guide offer the best in accommodations, dining, amenities, and activities. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape, a family vacation, or an adventure-filled trip, Boracay’s all-inclusive resorts provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.