No matter who you are or where you are coming from, happiness is within you.
Embrace your inner joy, reconnect to what makes you shine and spread the magic. Happiness is a choice away.


Happiness is a company specializing in funky hostels and boutique hotels with the aim to redefine hospitality for a community of mindful travelistas who want the balance of working hard while enjoying life all over Asia and Europe.

Our story

Happiness was born out of a point of sadness in our lives. We realized that for us to have a better quality of life, we need to create an environment that reflects this mindset for ourselves and everyone around us. We also learned that it can be shared with more individuals from all over the world. For our unique range of guests, we at the Happiness Group, with our business acumen and expertise in the hospitality and travel industry, have combined good vibes, flexible price points, quality service and thoughtful design with a work-and-play environment. These serve as a highly valued space for creative minds to exchange experiences and ideas — all while 
learning from and sharing with the local community.