Happiness Hostel

Happiness – Most trusted backpacker spot in the PH



Located in the heart of El Nido town, on Serena Street, Happiness awaits you with wide, open arms.

A home away from home, a place to connect again with your magic, a nest to meet other like-minded travelers, we are here with a spot just for you.
Spacious, dorm style rooms and privates available too – fall asleep reliving the salty day you just had. With a vibrant kitchen just down the stairs and delicious drinks ready to be made. You will feel nourished in every way. Just a few steps away, opposite us is the main beach of El Nido Town. Wake your sleepy head in the morning by jumping straight into the ocean or step straight onto a boat tour that we can arrange for you. All you have to do is show up.

Just read the reviews! There’s a reason everyone loves Happiness all over the Philippines.


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Happiness Tour

You are welcomed to use our food delivery service and spa facilities all around the clock. Besides, the late evening pastime plans are even more exciting: gather around the outdoor firepit on the restaurant’s terrace to watch the sunset before dining on oysters, sea bass tartare, or sea bream sashimi.

Tour – A

The most popular island hopping tour, it passes through The Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Payong-Payong, Secret Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach and Entalula. 

Tour – B

Tour B will take you around some very stunning islands and snorkeling sites, coves and beautiful caves with a great history.



Welcome to Happiness – a trusted backpacker hotspot all over the Philippines. We are located in the center of town, bright and alive, just awaiting you to join us. You can’t miss us! In the daytime we are the go to spot for proper coffee, delicious, healthy food and the spot to plan your tours and trips! By night, we light up the street; joyfully full of travelers and great vibes.

Experience Happiness in our friendly dorm rooms that still offer privacy and space, or treat yourself to a private room overlooking the beach. Either way, let’s all come together on the rooftop each morning to salute the sun with morning yoga! Flowing out any sleepiness… or hangovers from the unforgettable night before! After, let’s eat together for breakfast and sip Turkish coffee before spending the day adventuring to the mysterious islands in the distance or around El Nido. We will guide you each step of the way!

Your trip with us will be much more than just staying at a hostel. You’ll feel welcomed into the Happiness family. You’ll rest and revive your soul. You’ll leave with memories to last lifetimes in your pockets. You’ll leave with new found friend’s and magic in your eyes. Happiness is just a decision away. We can’t wait to welcome you to our happy, communal home!



There’s that saying ‘You are what you eat’ – so why not be colorful, healthy, happy and made with love?!

There’s a reason why our restaurant is always packed out! We proudly offer a wide selection of healthy, fresh meals influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine – it’s food for the soul. And c’mon, who could say no to hummus!!

We visit the local farmers market daily so that you eat food straight from farm to table. You’ll taste the difference. You’ll taste the love and intention put into every bite. Food that’ll make you smile.

We are open daily from morning till night with options for everyone. The majority of our menu is vegetarian and plant based. Can’t wait to see your smile after you dig into our colorful plates!

Happiness Bar!

Come and see why Happiness bar is always full of great energy and so lively! Every hour here is assured to be a happy one. Sip on a mango margarita after a day of adventuring with new friends as the sunsets in the distance. Or why not take time alone to read a book or write in your journal with our delicious coffee? There is something for everyone – just a pull up a chair.


We are located in the heart of El Nido Town, on the very known Serena Street. (Translated to mermaid street!)

Any tricycle driver in around Town will know how to drive you to Happiness!

If you’re coming from Lio Airport, simply hop on a tricycle and ask them to take you to Happiness Hostel, Serena Street. The drive is about 15 minutes and they will charge roughly 400-500 pesos for the ride.

If you’re coming from Puerto Princessa, either choose a private taxi (more expensive but comfortable option) or jump into a local bus or van (roughly 550 pesos) and the drive to El Nido will take anywhere between 4.5 – 6 hours. Tell the driver Serena Street!

We have options of both private and shared accommodations – so the experience will differ depending on what you choose. In general, choosing to stay in a hostel means that there is more of a community vibe – you’re bound to make friends and be captivated by other people’s stories and travels!

Our dorm is made in a way that you will still have your own privacy and comfortable space to rest. It’s spacious, not cramped and intentionally designed to make you feel cozy and comfortable.

The bar is down the stairs and this is the more sociable place. If you feel like introverting, head up to the rooftop or find a quiet corner and find your peace.

More like… what is not! Everything we do in the Happiness team, everything we create is always with the intention of good vibes, happiness and love! You will feel the unique magic in all of our offerings, from the bed you sleep in, the support you’ll receive from our staff to the fine quality of the food and drinks. Nothing is looked over. We can confidently say there’s nothing like Happiness Hostel’s and that’s why we are loved in all different parts of the Philippines.

In our opinion… the longer the better! There’s so much awaiting to be explored in El Nido. However the average tourist will spend around 3-4 days here and they will be action packed and vibrantly full. If you can spend a couple more days here we believe rest is also a big part of visiting a place and we know once you’re here… you won’t want to leave!

Simply put… everything! You’ll be staying in the center of town so there’s an abundance of other food options, bars and shops around. The boat tours leave every morning just outside of our hostel a few steps away. If you’d like to rent a scooter we can also help you with that and you’ll be set to explore El Nido far and wide!

We pride ourselves on offering fast working, 5G WIFI – Making it the perfect spot for digital nomads and Netflix watchers alike! And don’t worry, we have a generator so you’ll never be without electricity, internet and hot showers.