Blue Mango



Nestled amongst the vibrant palm leaves in the heart of El Nido,
Blue Mango sits in the tranquility of the tropics, footsteps away from Corong-Corong beach.
Our cozy, boutique hotel will make you feel nourished in every way.



Standard Room for 3

Prices start at: $86 per night


Family Room

Prices start at: $105 per night


Sea View Room

Prices start at: $95 per night


Good for 2

Prices start at: $50 per night


Standard Couple Room

Prices start at: $67 per night


Our best selling Senorita Room!

Prices start at: $95 per night


Standard Couple Room


Enjoy rising to the sounds of nature waking up around you. Smile as you admire the warm, orange sun setting from your room. Feel at peace as you surround yourself with panoramic views of the Pacific ocean. El Nido’s unique beauty satisfying all of your senses. Ohhhh, it’s a hard life, isn’ it? All of your needs being met. Indulging in our lovingly prepared food, sipping on a cocktail as you chat to likeminded traveler’s, or simply retreating and resting your sun-kissed head in fresh, crisp sheets. Let yourself soak in the magic of the island and indulge your mind, body and soul from Blue Mango.

Restaurant & Bar

Satisfy all of your senses with our lovingly crafted, locally sourced meals – from 8am till 10pm. On Sunday’s we only serve breakfast. Our bar is where good memories are made. Well stocked and awaiting you!

Our versatile common area is the perfect spot to wind down with a book, socialize with family and friends or simply savor the delicious food and beverages that we offer.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, fast internet for all of your needs. This is rare to find on the island!



Tour – B

Tour B will take you around some very stunning islands and snorkeling sites, coves and beautiful caves with a great history.


Tour – A

The most popular island hopping tour, it passes through The Big Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Payong-Payong, Secret Lagoon, 7 Commandos Beach and Entalula. 


Once you’re in El Nido Town, Blue Mango is just a short ride away on the tricycle. The driver’s are locals here and they’ll know where to take you! Expect the ride to cost between 50-100 pesos per person.

If coming from El Nido Leo Airport, it’s about a 20 minute tricycle that will cost between 300-500 pesos roughly.

If you’re arriving on the van from Puerto Princessa hop on a van to El Nido (550 pesos per person) and ask for them to drop you off at Blue Mango!

Can we say everything?! Well if we had to get specific… in the middle of the resort stands a mighty and beautiful tree that the whole structure has been built around, it makes the place pretty magical! The common area encircles the tree and it’s a great place to hang out. Plus the sunset views amongst the tropical leaves is just unbeatable.

Well our bar is well packed and full of delicious options! Plus it’s close to your room 😉 If not we’d recommend having a beach day in Maremegmeg and spending the day in the sun with a kalamansi margarita close by!

Yes! Absolutely. Our receptionist can assist you with everything from planning boat tours to arranging transport around the island, and everything in-between too! Just chill, we’ve got you covered.

In our opinion, just a few steps away in Corong-Corong! That’s why we’ve located ourselves so close by.

We know how important is these days so we proudly have the best working 5G WIFI around. Making it the perfect spot to work online and stay connected.